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In this section, you can download research papers and projects from my time at Copenhagen Business School.




A reflective essay on Brand Loyalty 

Course: Consumer Behaviour 

In this essay, I reflect upon my learning journey in the course. The essay discusses the general lack of empirical data within the field of marketing and assess different approaches to consumer behaviour, for instance brand loyalty. I also reflect upon the implications of this knowledge to my own work as a marketing practitioner. 

Competitive strategy.jpg



5 forces analysis of the fast food industry  


Course: Competitive Strategy 

For my four-hour sit-in exam in Competitive Strategy, I was tasked with doing Porter's 5-forces analysis. Numerous factors come into play when formulating strategy, so this short paper seeks to understand what makes an industry profitable through analysis of its developments. 


Public Relations


A research paper on the driverless car 


Course: PR and Issue Management

This paper provides an empirical study that shows how Google's driverless car is framed in the media and evaluated in the public through thorough content analysis. Based on the media's framing, a strategy is recommended, which aims to manage potential issues associated with the driverless car. 

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