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Today, the business medium LinkedIn has over 675 million users. Whether you’re completely new to LinkedIn, applying for a specific job or trying to find the next lead for your pipeline, you simply cannot ignore this network of opportunity.

It all starts with setting up your LinkedIn profile. But which parts of the profile are most important to fill out and how should you approach it? And when the profile is set and done, then what?

While most people have a profile, few are active users, which is a lost opportunity. Think about it: How often do you post something on LinkedIn that provides value for your network? Are you making sure that you are positioning yourself as the thought leader when questions arise?

With this short and practical eBook, I will give you tools to develop a strong personal brand on LinkedIn. I want to take you through the basics of your profile, give you tools to become a better networker as well as suggest an approach to creating content to post on LinkedIn.

The recommendations found in this eBook can be used by any profile, but may be especially relevant for people who want to strengthen their personal brand, explore new opportunities in their networks or have some general tips on LinkedIn as a social sales tool.

LinkedIn Masterclass: How to grow your personal brand

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